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Security Services

Security threats and concerns are something that all businesses need to focus on. While embracing technology and the internet provide businesses with many benefits, it also brings about a wide range of threats. Spammers and hackers may look to steal your information, shutdown your business and empty your bank accounts. Internal threats such as disgruntled employees can easily access information and sabotage systems. Even trusted workers who have inappropriate levels of access can accidentally open up a back door without knowing it.

At Intelligent IT Designs, our job is to ensure that your network is properly secured and protected from all external and internal threats. Our experts will thoroughly inspect your technology, identify vulnerabilities, design, and implement solutions to protect your business and eliminate security threats.

Some of our security services include:

Firewalls: Our firewalls scan all inbound and outbound traffic to stop threats, intrusion attempts and malicious traffic from compromising your network before they can reach your internal computers, servers and other resources.

Virus/Malware Security: As part of our security services, we implement a layered security approach that blocks intrusion attempts, viruses, malware and spyware at multiple levels to provide the greatest level of protection from such threats.

Spam Management: Our email security services make sure that email threats are stopped before they ever reach your mailbox, smart phone, desktop or any other device you use to access your email with very few false positives.

Content Filtering: Our content filtering services protect your business by blocking illegal and dangerous web content as well as content that contains hacker threats. Our technology will also allow you to block content that is irrelevant to the business and block categories that reduce employee productivity.

Access Controls: Often neglected, proper access controls are fundamental to any proper security implementation. We ensure that external and internal users can only access what they need when they need it.

Security Policies: We will work with your management team to design, document and implement security policies that your employees, vendors and contractors will use to help protect confidential business and customer data.
Call Intelligent IT Designs and allow us to help you get your IT security under control.